Sintra, Portugal

In the 27 odd years I’ve been lucky enough to grace this planet, a December without snow is like the sun setting in the East…IT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN!
— With that being said, here I am (during what should be the dead of winter) baha-ing in a Jeep through mud and hills in a light jacket and sunnies, on the westernmost point of Portugal without a single thought of a snowflake gracing me with its presence. And let me just say, I’m not mad about it!

This past Saturday was definitely just what my soul was yearning for. While, of course, I can’t complain about the amazing weather I’ve been fortunate enough to have over the past few weeks, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the Holiday season is upon us and thoughts of family gatherings, laughter and celebrations missed out on has put a damper on my mood. It’s in those moments of realization that I won’t be around to watch my nieces open up their presents or clink a whiskey+coke with family that gathers each year from near and far, that have really impacted my mindset this month. I know you may think it, but it’s not always rainbows and butterflies (shoutout Maroon 5) on this amazing year-long journey.

It took a weekend like this to really put things into perspective and ultimately helped me remember that I am where I should be at this very moment. A day filled with laughter, love and spectacular views. A day spent with people that just 2 and a half months ago were complete strangers, but now without hesitation, I call family. Knowing that I have nearly 50 people to lean on when the holiday blues set in, was realized and felt this past weekend.

While I’ll be missing hugs from loved ones back home over the next week, I’m grateful for the amazing moments and memories I have made and will make on this journey with truly amazing individuals.

Sintra – you are simply stunning and I will be back!


Thanks for STAWPIN! 🙂


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