Plitvice Lakes

Give me a 65-degree day with lungs full of nature and I’m a happy camper! This was one of the most memorable days thus far. Myself and a dozen other Mangos (Our RY group is called Mangata so I will be referencing different alternative names now and again 😉) headed on a couple hour road trip to a National Park along the Plitvice Lakes. It is one of the oldest National Parks in Croatia. World-famous for its lakes which are arranged in cascades, we trekked for hours along miles of man-made wooden paths, which wind around 16 of its visible lakes. Sounds like a dream, right!? Well, it was. I didn’t want to leave. Nature is the only medicine I need, and I got a full dose that day. I snapped loads of pictures along my walk. Though it isn’t the same as seeing it in the flesh (which I HIGHLY recommend) I hope you get a glimpse of just how magical this place is. Enjoy! 😊

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