Iguazú Falls, Argentina

Have you ever been somewhere that made you feel like it was possible to see a unicorn fly over at any given moment? Somewhere that the scenery is so magical and majestic it’s like you were dropped right in the middle of a Disney fairytale? “Hello, Tarzan..is that you?!”-Me, gazing into the jungle being unrealistic. (A girl can dream, okay!)

Myself and 3 of my favorite Mango gals set out for a long weekend relaxing and taking in the sites of Iguazu Falls. We were greeted with perfect weather and rainbows and accompanied by thousands of butterflies along each path we took. Did I mention the whole fairytale thing? We also took a boat tour to check out the Falls from water-level. This was the highlight for me. Having the opportunity to experience just how powerful this natural wonder can be by heading straight into the Falls. I got some pretty epic videos on my GoPro of the whole thing. #imfinedad

It was pretty much impossible to take a bad picture (although I tried). There is no question why this place is one of the NEW Wonders of the World. Here are a few shots from an unforgettable/magical weekend…


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