Weekends, Kyoto style.

Each month, Remote Year puts together a few options for us to become more aware and a part of our new community. Each track is unique but equally engaging. We chose the tracks that best harmonize with what we want to get out of each month and what types of activities we enjoy. Some adventurous in physical abilities, while some are adventurous in local foods. Naturally, each month so far I have chosen the track that involves being active in nature, whatever those surroundings may be. This Friday I had the opportunity to do a local hike along Kurama Mountain followed by a healing bath at the best Onsen in Kyoto. It was a humbling + beautiful + spiritual day and one that I won’t soon forget.

Bamboo and Mountains and Monkeys, oh my!! Myself and 5 of my best gal pals took the midday train over to Arashiyama to walk along the Bamboo Forest and be amongst the macaque monkeys. A couple of firsts I got to knock off my list. CHECK!

It was a bit of a jaunt up the side of a mountain to reach the monkeys, but once there, the burning buns and slight wheeze under my breath was well worth it. I was shocked by how close we could get to them. Hundreds of monkeys roam around freely and didn’t really seem to mind the added tourists getting in their way. Maybe this was the calm before the storm. I couldn’t help but think of EVERY monkey movie ever made…”soooo when does the monkey invasion take place?” Come on. You’ve seen Planet of the Apes and Jumanji! They spared us that day…

Thanks for STAWPIN’! 🙂

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